Asbestos has been used in many materials, such as in architectural applications on ships. It is important for employees from the maritime world that they can recognize asbestos applications and are aware of the risks.

Result of the course

After following this course, the student is able to recognize asbestos-suspect materials in their specific application on ships. In addition, the student knows how to handle the presence of asbestos safely and responsibly. The student also learns to estimate when there is a risky situation.

For whom

Employees from the maritime world (international) who may come into contact with materials containing asbestos during their work.


The course ‘Asbestos Recognition on ships’ focuses in particular on the recognition of material containing asbestos in its architectural applications on ships. We use a large collection of – naturally carefully packaged – asbestos-containing materials, which will be discussed and examined extensively. In addition, this course focuses on the following topics:

Price: 250e