Result of the DTA Recurrence Course
After the course of the DTA Recurrence course , the student has refreshed his knowledge of how to carry out and supervise asbestos remediation. The student meets the final objectives after passing the exam.

For whom?
Business managers, implementers, main executors, inspectors, foremen and work planners of asbestos activities, who already have the DTA certificate and who need to be trained on the latest technical developments and changed insights in laws and regulations.



The DTA courses of BME Training are concluded with a nationally recognized DTA exam, which meets the final and test terms DTA. An independent examination institute administers the exam, which takes place at the same location as the course.


For the repetition DTA, entrance requirements apply:

The entry requirements for the course and the DTA exam are:

1. The entrance criteria for the applicant for the DTA exam mean that the applicant:
a. Is in possession of a DAV certificate that was issued before 1 March 2016, a DAV-2 certificate or a DTA certificate, which is valid on the date of taking the exam or if it has not expired for more than one year;
b. demonstrably performed a facefit test less than twelve months before taking the exam;
c. part 2 of the online instruction program has completed and can demonstrate respiratory protection.

2. In addition to the first paragraph, the entry criterion is that no certificate DAV-1, DAV-2 or DTA of the applicant has been revoked in the previous twelve months.