Result of the DAV1 course
At the end of the DAV1 course, the course participant has sufficient knowledge and skills to safely participate in an asbestos removal operation under the supervision of a mentor. After passing the exam, the student meets the set final and test terms DAV1 and receives a certificate with a maximum validity of 6 months.

For whom?
The course is intended for employees who remove asbestos.



The DAV courses of BME Opleidingen are concluded with a nationally recognized DAV exam, which meets the set final and test criteria DAV1. An independent examination institute administers the exam, which takes place at the same location as the course.


The entry requirements for the course and the DAV exam are:

1. The entrance criteria for the applicant for the DAV-1 exam mean that the applicant:
a. Is at least 18 years old;
b. demonstrably performed a facefit test less than twelve months before taking the exam;
c. Part 1 of the online instruction program has completed and can demonstrate respiratory protection.

2. In addition to the first paragraph, the entrance criterion is that no certificate DAV-1 or DAV-2 of the applicant has been revoked in the previous twelve months.


To become a DAV-2, a training course must be followed. This process is supervised by a Mentor. We can offer this as a stand-alone route or in combination with a DAV1 or DAV1 & 2 course.

To supervise the DAV-1 as a mentor, the mentor must have followed a mentor training. BME Training can offer this guidance process. Our mentor is in possession of the requirements set by Ascert, namely a ‘Certificate of mentoring register Ascert’, a ‘Declaration of independence mentor’, and a certificate.

Result of the trajectory
After following the DAV1 course, passing the DAV1 exam and the supervised mentorship trajectory, the participant is ready to take the course and the associated DAV2 exam.

For whom?
This process is intended for anyone who wants to work professionally as a remediator in the asbestos industry.

Price: 300e